Godric Hightower

Lawful Good Half-elf Cleric of Shaneer


The man is adorned in robes, and trinkets, all dedicated to the dead god Shaneer. He wields a large simple staff, that carries no adornments, yet seems worn and used. Along his belt hangs several trinkets, most used for astronomical purposes; One he uses often to check the position of the broken moon.His hair is waist long, and bleach blonde. It is frayed, messy, and does not seem to be taken care of. Some of his hair has been unkempt for so long, dreads have started to form. This man obviously does not see personal grooming as one of his priorities.The most striking feature about him, is his mask. It is simple, and porcelain, and only is taken off during the night. The only markings on it, are three cracks across it, purposefully made.

Son of the Moon
While bathed in the light of Shaneer, you feel invigorated.
Benefits: While under the full light of Shaneer (not obstructed or obscured), you gain a +2 trait bonus on Climb, Stealth, and Swim checks.

Chosen One
Only a handful of followers are granted divine powers by the Shaneer, the missing goddess. For reasons you do not understand, you are one of the chosen few.
Benefits: Whenever you channel positive energy to heal your allies, reroll all 1’s.

XP: 1,250

Starting Gear: Cleric’s Outfit, The Shattered Mask


The man speaks little of his past, though those who would dig deep enough would find a whirlpool of chaos in his earlier years. The half-elf, abandoned by both of his parents, turned to piracy in his early years. He had earned the title; The Gold Plague, which obviously was a reference to his hair. Years of piracy, and debauchery slowly seeped into him, leaving him alone, and aimless. Only after being thrown off his own ship by an estranged crew, did the man find his path.Floating hopelessly for weeks on the sea, eating and drinking nothing, only staring up at the broken moon did he find peace. He was discovered weeks later, starving and dehydrating by a merchant ship, babbling only nonsense about the dead god Shaneer, and “mending the moon.” In the years following, he has spoken only when relevant, wearing his mask during the day, and staring wistfully at Shaneer during the night without it.

DM Notes: Godric’s divine powers are a complete mystery to him, and to anyone ele that may understand religious history. Shaneer, goddess of the moon, was thought to have been destroyed by the Dread God, nearly two millennium ago.

Feeling like a societal outcast, Godric has not had many companions since being marooned by his former crew years ago. Recently, he found two fellow outcasts in Vasili, hailing from the distant lands of Tesh, and Vinkain, a rare elf found dwelling among the 7 Free Cities. Together, the three have managed eke out a meager living while they tread down the paths of their fates. The three men have unique pasts, and each knows that they are meant to do something more in this life- they have agreed to help each other fulfill whatever destiny lies ahead. Currently, the are renting a tiny cottage in Last Pointe, near the docks.

Godric Hightower

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