Kiel Bjornsson

Chaotic Neutral Human Barbarian, Ves Uppi Tribe


26 years of age, 6’3’’, 240 lbs,Dirty blond medium length hair, blue eyes, beard (same color as hair), light-skinned, tattoos across arms, back, and chest. A broad-shouldered muscular individual, his size masks his speed and intelligence, and he prefers it that way.

You were born and raised in rugged badlands, and you’ve become something of an expert at evading the predators, monsters, and worse that haunt the highlands.
Benefits: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Stealth checks, and Stealth is always a class skill for you. This trait bonus increases to +2 in hilly or rocky areas.

Growing up in the unforgiving wilds often forced you to subsist on food and water from doubtful sources. You’ve built up your constitution as a result.
Benefits: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Fortitude saves.

XP: 1,300

Starting Gear: Barbarian’s Outfit, Hide Armor, Greataxe, Dagger, Backpack, Belt Pouch, Blanket & Bedroll, Flint & Steel, Waterskin


What used to be a smaller tribe, the Ves Uppi, a group of primarily hunters and raiders, with some farmers and fishermen/sailors/sea raiders scattered in the tribe as well, has risen to prominence over the last 40 years when a young man decided to take fate into his own hands. Already renowned within the tribe for being the biggest, at just 17 standing over 7 feet tall, it is tradition in this tribe for every boy reaching manhood to give himself a name. This man, not wanting to give himself a name, opted to take one from a legendary bear that had terrorized the tribe for decades. Armed with a Greatclub he had become known for wielding in combat against other tribes, and in the eyes of 3 witnesses of the tribe, tracked the great bear to his Den, and in what has now itself become a story of legend, eventually killed the bear with his bare hands, taking the bear’s name “Bjorn.” This earned him tremendous respect in the tribe, so it wasn’t a surprise when (upon returning from his victory) Bjorn challenged the then current Chieftain of the tribe to single combat, and killed him with the claws of the bear he had slain, that he had crafted into weapons onto his hands. Bjorn immediately married and started a campaign to establish his tribe as being the best in his region over the first 30 years of his rule, not to mention fathering four tall strong sons. The youngest, who took the name of Kiel Bjornsson (it was not required to take your father’s name, but hey, with a father like this, what isn’t there to be proud of?) has found it difficult to gain honor and glory in his tribe. While his elder brothers were able to catch glory in the waning years of their father’s campaign, the last 10 have been spent enjoying a peace, as most surrounding tribes have opted to pay bribes to this great chieftain, rather than face him in the battlefield. While some of his tribe have taken to raiding on the sea, Kiel took to the woods, finding a strange peace in the struggle for survival in the wilderness, showing skill as a hunter, and satisfying his lust for battle by taking the odd mercenary job, as well as fighting in taverns when there is NO work to be had. Kiel has discovered a love for battle (often taking a very personal stance against those who opposed him, allowing his anger to dictate his actions in these circumstances) and discovering that he prefers to fight with a Greataxe or Greatsword. Kiel hopes that by adventuring he can gain enough wealth and glory to return to his tribe and carve out his own land, defend it, and father sons to carry his name and continue the greatness of his tribe.

DM Notes: The Ves Uppi tribe makes their home in the west end of the Valiger Highlands, in the northern region of the Halanord Peninsula. The highlander tribes, collectively known as the Valig-ur, tend to be more warlike than the Dar-ur tribes to the south, but highly covet honor and valor. The Valig-ur are uniquely positioned to conduct trade with many other cultures, including the Zyvians to the east, the cities of the Death Reach to the west, and the Karatath tribes to the north. As such, they have little fear of outsiders, unlike many other barbarian tribes, and many young warriors descend from the highlands to find their own path to fortune and glory.

Kiel was one such warrior, finding passage aboard a ship from the small town of Port-a-Gull in the Reach to the Free Cities of the Dagger Coast. Passage through the cities of the Reach can be dangerous of a Valig-ur warrior, as the tribes occasionally raid the towns on the east-side of the sea. During his voyage, he caught a glimpse of the City of Scounrdels, Corsus, built on the sides of the Cliffs Treacherous. Thankfully, the ship did not make port there, for the stories of the city’s villainy are enough to turn away even the hardiest of warriors.

Upon reaching the free city of Last Pointe, Kiel began making a name for himself as a skilled tavern brawler and bouncer in the wharf district. Here, he met Maggie and Korgil, and struck up a working relationship, if not friendship, with the two. When any of the three find lucrative work on the docks or aboard a ship, they share the opportunity with the others. Recently, the companions have found employment aboard a caravel called the Brazen Beagle. Hired as a guard by the 1st mate, Hallard Havardson, Kiel has yet to meet the captain, but has heard tales that fill him suspicion…

Kiel Bjornsson

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