Vinkain Nightshade

Chaotic Good Elf Magus, Bladesinger


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Focused Mind
Your childhood was dominated by lessons that encouraged your ability to block out distractions and focus on the immediate task at hand.
Benefit: You gain a +2 trait bonus on Concentration checks.

Through years of practice with a weapon in one hand and nothing in the other, you have learned the art of perfect defense.
Benefit: When wielding a one-handed weapon and nothing in your off-hand, you gain a +1 trait bonus to AC. If you use your off-hand to cast a spell, you lose this bonus for 1 round.

XP: 1,250

Starting Gear: Magus Outfit


At an early age, Vinkain was split between two worlds. Being born the son of a long lost elven hero, Vinkain was raised by his mother and grandparents. The grand parents of his father Vindale Nightshade are from a great warrior family that prides itself on the most beautiful and graceful fighting style known to the elves. His grandparents on his mother’s side are all wizened old wizards, descendants of the great Sorcerer Kings that ruled the elves before the Great split. When a great many of the elven houses went into the under dark to make their home.

From his first step, Vinkain was pushed to train in the way of the elven warrior. He would spend his days learning the forest lore of the elves and training in the graceful movements of his forefathers. One of his earliest memories was the first time he held a sword. His Grandfather sat with him and told him of his father’s first sword, a katana. Ever since that day, the main weapon that Vinkain trained with was the katana. His grandfather trained him with the rest of the warriors that were much older. Most of the veterans took on the role of a father figure for young Vinkain. Because of this he was given extra attention in the training yard he soon excelled at the very same weapon his father had trained with when he was a boy. His father’s sword was given to him upon being accepted as an elf warrior.

No matter how much he practiced on the training yard each day Vinkain could not escape his mother’s side of his heritage. After dancing with the katana all day, he would study the arcane arts with his mother and grandmother during the night. After many years of practicing formulas and pouring over old musty volumes that most had thought lost to the ages, Vinkain surprised everyone with his skill at magic. Having inherited the bloodline directly from the ancient sorcerer kings of old. Vinkain had an understanding of the mystical arts that few his age had had attained.

While Vinkain was a beloved son of the elves, his life was not without conflict. Both sides of his family wanted him to focus all his efforts on one way of the elf. Either the path of the warrior or the mage. Vinkain loved both sides of his family wanting to please and impress everyone. The rare times that he was not training with the warriors learning the dance of the elves in combat, or hunched over an old tome for hours on end. Vinkain spent his time learning to combine both aspects if his life in secret. This did not go unnoticed by his family. Knowing that his father was/is one if the great elven Bladesingers. They let the young Vinkain practice combining the art if the sword with his mastery of the arcane. His family knowing that the way of the Bladesinger must be found and not taught, left him to find his path.

After years of training and much time spent contemplating the fate of his lost father. Vinkain decided that he needed to find out what had happened to his father. Not being able to bear the goodbyes. Vinkain stole away in the early hours before the world had woke from its slumber. His family seeing the greatness and potential in the favored son of the elves, were very proud the day they awoke to find Vinkain had left. Knowing that the only way he could follow in his father’s footsteps as a fabled Bladesinger of the elves was to find it within himself.

DM Notes: Vinkain was raised in the small elven village of Quel’fara, near the southern edge of the Red Woods (called the Caran Fuin by the elves), just west of the Dagger Coast. Having journeyed to the 7 Free Cities in recent months while searching for clues of his father’s whereabouts, Vinkain found himself a minority in a sometimes hostile place. He recently made the acquaintance of kindred spirits in Godric and Vasili, while in the city of Last Pointe.

While sharing drinks at the Staggering Sailor tavern, in the wharf district, the three companions were approached by a charming young half-elf who claimed to have information about Vinkain’s missing father. The man instructed the group to meet him in the alley behind the tavern, and to bring coin…

Vinkain Nightshade

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