Kingdom of Trillium



Governing Body: constitutional monarchy with a High Congress headed by the five ruling viscounts
Current Ruler(s): King Thoris IV and Queen Saxtri
Capital City: Whitegate
Standard: white background with a serpentine gold dragon at center
Currency: talon marks (platinum, gold, electrum, silver and copper)
State Religion: none
State Language: common
Majority Populace: human (Trillian)

Partial History

Other than the Empire of the Sands (Illion), the Kingdom of Trillium is the oldest nation to grace the face of Lower Corrinthius. Established the 15th day of Oris (October), 794 P.K., Trillium began as little more than an alliance of small towns. Over two thousand years old, such stability during a history of turmoil is the direct result of strong leadership, beginning with Lord Augustian who united the divided kingdoms in 337 P.K. to truly form the Kingdom of Trillium. Augustian was tragically assassinated a day before taking the throne, but his son, Ferdinand Turbacle, furthered his father’s dreams as the first ruler of a united Trillium and sired a strong line of successful kings. Unfortunately, a military coup occurred in 28 A.K. and all direct relatives of Lord Augustian were murdered. Ultho, the leader of the coup, took control of Trillium and installed a military dictatorship.
Ultho the Bloody, the bastard son of Queen Isabel (who he had executed), took great delight in forcing his will over others, particularly demi-humans whom he believed were “lesser” species. This exploitation and virtual slavery of the demi-humans had its climax at the Battle of Gold Run in 38 A.K. The dwarves and elves had been waging the Kinsean Wars for some time when, at this battle, the last of their armies converged. Their numbers grossly depleted and battle wary, Ultho the Bloody had the Trillium army slaughter every last combatant. The elven and dwarven people to this day dislike Trillium and dub the event the Great Betrayal.
The repressive military dictatorship was finally dissolved in 288 A.K. through a peasant uprising who then attempted to place a democracy which faltered for nearly a decade then ultimately failed. A member of the democratic government, a man named Barlend, established the constitutional monarchy soon after the democracy dissolved and assumed the kingship. King Barlend, and those who followed him, implemented social and government reforms which strengthened the Kingdom of Trillium.
Internal problems have arisen from time to time in Trillium. The most notable being King Harold III, known more widely as Harold the Mad (ruled from 960 – 983 A.K. when he was forcibly removed from the throne by his successor, and brother, King Michael V). During his reign, King Harold became increasingly insane. First he began the construction of the King Road which, during his life, was considered a foolish and expensive endeavor, but has come to be the kingdom’s lifeline of trade. After several other foolish ventures that are laughable if King Harold hadn’t actually funneled million of talon marks into them (such as his fabled “Floating Palace” that was to fly when complete), the king made a fatal decision. Upset that the mages constructing his “Floating Palace” had failed, King Harold ordered the trial and beheading of all mages thus beginning the Warlock Hunts of 982 A.K. Magnus Multum Ampher himself helped put Harold’s sane brother Michael on the throne. Harold died years later of old age.
Then came a time of relative peace in Trillium until the Blood Coast War (1302 – 1309 A.K.). The newly created nation of Tesh invaded and slaughtered hundreds of thousands, including the royal family. The Teshians were fortunately driven back, but the two nations despise each other to this day and are constantly preparing for eventual war. The constitutional monarchy of Trillium, despite the losses of war, managed to survive and flourish.
The Consolidated Regions of Tesh, however, are not Trillium’s only political enemy. During the Ogremarch War (1445 – 1453 A.K.), the Kingdom of Trillium came to the defense of her ally Zyvia. The Kingdom of Zyvia, never a powerful military state, was invaded by the armies of Ulgangoth (the Ogreland) who came to loot her swelled treasuries resulting from years of healthy grain trade with Trillium. The Karatath Nation had long since dissolved so the Ulganites merely marched in and nearly had the capital city Zyvia conquered when the Trillium armies arrived. The Battle of Zyvia was intense, but the Trillium forces were successful. This earned the Kingdom of Trillium the lasting friendship of Zyvia, but also the lasting hatred of Ulgangoth who, for no other reason than mutual hatred, allied with the Consolidated Regions of Tesh. Relations with the city-state of Boskoir are excellent since both hate the Teshians, but Trillium’s alliance with Illion has been strained for the last hundred years due to cultural differences. Trillium has little to no contact with Veldruth and view the nation as indifferent.

The Current Government

King Thoris IV and Queen Saxtri are both in their early thirties and of good health. They are both skilled and wise with three children to carry on the line (Augustus, Alexis, and Caliph). The congress is made up of Viscount Tanin Durock, Viscount Victor Montebrook, Viscount Donovan Shannonbriar, Viscount Polonius Anover, and Viscount Aris Trevell.

Kingdom of Trillium

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